The Will to Win by Berton Braley

The Will to Win by Berton Braley

"The Will to Win" by Berton Braley celebrates the unyielding determination required to attain one's deepest aspirations. It hails the unwavering dedication that compels individuals to toil tirelessly, relinquishing comfort and rest, all for the sake of their fervent desires. The poem emphasizes how this intense desire can render all other pursuits insignificant and trivial. It paints a picture of a life devoid of purpose without the pursuit of this burning passion.

The verses convey the notion that when one confronts adversities with dogged persistence, even the harshest conditions, illness, or hardship can't divert them from their pursuit. Ultimately, the poem champions the idea that relentless dedication to a goal ensures its achievement, reinforcing the message that victory is attainable through unwavering resolve.

The Will to Win by Berton Braley

    If you want a thing bad enough
    To go out and fight for it,
    Work day and night for it,
    Give up your time and your peace
    And your sleep for it,

    If only desire of it
    Makes you quite mad enough
    Never to tire of it,
    Makes you hold all other things tawdry
    And cheap for it,

    If life seems all empty
    and useless without it
    And all that you scheme
    And you dream is about it,

    If gladly you'll sweat for it,
    Fret for it, Plan for it,
    Lose all your terror of God
    or man for it,

    If you'll simply go after that
    thing that you want
    With all your capacity,
    Strength, and sagacity,
    Faith, hope, and confidence,
    stern pertinacity,

    If neither cold poverty,
    famished and gaunt,
    Nor sickness nor pain
    Of body and brain
    Can turn you away from
    the thing that you want,

    If dogged and grim
    you besiege and beset it,
    You'll get it.

    "The Will to Win" by Berton Braley teaches us that if we truly want something, we must be willing to work hard, make sacrifices, and stay determined. This poem encourages us to chase our dreams with passion and never give up, no matter how tough things get. With this attitude, we can overcome obstacles and achieve our goals, showing that our determination is a powerful force that can lead us to success.

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